Speech-Language Pathology

The Speech-Language Pathologists at HealthPoint Center strive to deliver high-quality speech, language, and literacy development services for children and adults.  We believe the ability to speak, read, write, and communicate effectively leads to a lifetime of academic and occupational success across the lifespan.  All treatment is research-based with a strong emphasis on family involvement and academic success.  

HealthPoint Center also specializes in a multidisciplinary approach for educational assessments.  Speech-Language Pathologists work closely with Psychologists to provide a comprehensive educational assessment of cognitive, achievement, receptive/expressive language, reading, and writing skills to determine appropriate diagnosis, classroom, and/or standardized testing accommodations.

Speech-Language Pathologists provide services to prevent, diagnose, evaluate, and treat communication disorders across the lifespan.

Speech and language services available include evaluation and treatment for:

- Articulation disorders
- Apraxia
- Dysarthria
- Phonological disorders
- Fluency disorders (stuttering)
- Expressive language disorders
- Receptive language disorders
- Reading Comprehension, Verbal Expression, and Writing Skills
- Pragmatic language disorders
- Resonance disorders
- Voice disorders
- Delayed speech / language disorders
- Aphasia
- Cognitive communication disorders
- Auditory processing
- Aural Rehabilitation

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